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Our listed wait times are currently estimated at 2 months minimum to START the process and it could change depending on number of orders received at the time of your order. We process your order within 24 hours. Within those 24 hours we allot for the materials needed on your order (whether we have to order special fabric for you or if we have it in stock). Wait times for accessory items like collars, patches, leashes, and leash wraps are completed much faster. If you have any questions on the wait time for a specific item, feel free to contact us with those questions.


Order timelines can be affected by holidays and unexpected health issues as we are disabled ourselves or possible weather issues preventing us from reaching our shop location because of where we are located. 


After your initial purchase, the confirmation stage is when you will hear from us to confirm all the details of your order. Confirmation will happen first, digital design will follow, then production will start once those two stages are complete and approved by the customer. The production process will commence soon after approvals are received. We promise, we’re not disappearing on you or ignoring you! We DON'T message you every few months to say hello, as we are very busy working with other clients and their orders, but this doesn't mean you can’t message us.


After you place your order, you may not hear from us unless we have questions immediately but, do not worry, we typically do not message you until your order is finally on our schedule.


1. CONFIRMATION STAGE: In the confirmation stage we will contact you to confirm the items you ordered, ask questions about your theme, possible additions you may want to make, and we acquire the FINAL measurements of your pup. Even if you gave measurements and your dog is older, please double check them anyways as we've had clients not do that and end up surprised their dog put on a few pounds.

2. DIGITAL STAGE: At this stage your order is in the hands of the digital team. The digital team brings your order to life on screen base on all the details you provided which includes specific text, theme, colors, size, and any other small details that fit your needs. Once digitally illustrated, you will receive a message or email through the platform from which we are communicating so that you may have a chance to review the entire layout. This is your FINAL opportunity to review the final product before it goes into production. This is where you will review every detail of your order and make modification if needed. Remember to read everything. Typos can happen, so please carefully read everything on your set. 


3. EMBROIDERY STAGE: Once you give your approval on the digital stage, your order reaches the embroidery stage.


4. ASSEMBLY STAGE: After all the embroidery is complete, your order enters the assembly stage where your set is completely constructed by hand. At this stage, it can take anywhere between several WEEKS to fully construct your set as it reaches the assembly line with others. Once your set is complete, you may start seeing pictures of it on our social media platforms. After completion, you will then receive shipping and tracking information so that you can track its progress through the postal service which is used to ship your set. We typically use UPS or USPS as our shipping carriers. Before we ship your order to you, a final image is taken of ALL items within your set to document and verify all items were complete and shipped.


While we do have a list of reasons why we do or do not offer refunds based on eligibility and reason, when a customer does not qualify for a refund we sometimes offer an alternative solution. Based on reason, we sometimes offer that customer the opportunity to sell their purchased spot. Spot selling simply means that we take the total cost of what the customer spent on their order and the time they have left on our timeline list as to when their order is supposed to move into the production process and offer it for sale to other customers through our social media platforms. Customers interested in purchasing that spot will be offered the opportunity to purchase that spot at the price originally paid by the customer requesting a refund and whatever time is left on the wait list for that specific order. The new customer purchasing the spot is not limited to the price or same gear that was originally purchased for that spot. They may order anything they want as long as they meet the minimum dollar amount or more for that spot. Once the spot is sold to another customer, that new customer will be placed in that spot on the wait list with the remaining timeline for production of their order. SPOT PURCHASES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUNDS. The original customer that requested the refund will then be provided a refund only when another customer purchases that spot and has paid for it in full. Once the spot is sold, the original customer will receive a full refund. Spot selling is not a guaranteed way to receive a refund and can take some time based on where your current spot on the list is. Typically, shorter timeline spots sell quicker than longer timeline spots so keep that in mind when opting for this option if it is offered to you.


We always recommend taking your dog to an orthopedic vet to get your dog properly fitted (you can message or video us during your visit to make sure this is done correctly) and have them evaluate the gear and make sure they feel the gear is appropriate. If the ortho vet feels the gear is not suitable for the dog due to SAFETY reasons, providing proof (vet needs to write a letter stating so or email us stating so from their office or email), we will offer for you to return the item for a replacement or offer a refund once item is returned unused. However, you have 2 WEEKS to have this done upon delivery date.



All shipments are processed through USPS/UPS only for U.S. and UPS for anywhere outside the U.S. 


Once your order is complete and ready to ship, you will receive your tracking number directly through the platform you purchased through and will be notified via EMAIL. Once tracking a number is provided, item ships within 24/48 hours unless it falls on a weekend. From there, your package is picked up directly by USPS/UPS and then processed. This can also take 24 hours for tracking to update.


Once the item is shipped, it is the customers responsibility to track and collect your package. If a package is stolen or gets lost after USPS/UPS marks it as delivered, it is no longer Pup-Cessories Crafts, LLC.’s responsibility to replace the item(s). If you will be away during shipment/delivery, please contact us so we can hold your item, or you can make arrangements with the post office to hold your package. If your package is stolen, we can offer to remake the item at a discounted price but will not replace item free of charge. In this case we will expedite the item to get it to you as quickly as possible.


Non-Duplication Clause. If a design has been hand drawn by the client and is their ORIGINAL design meaning (no drawings or images of copyrighted, trademarked characters and other people's artwork online. Even artwork by another artist that has been modified by the client is not considered an ORIGINAL work of art.) If the artwork is considered and original work of art, then the client can request Non-Duplication. This means we will not make another set with that design for any other customers who may ask for it.


Our harness and cape designs have been ortho ENDORSED on Jan 5th, 2020, by:


Robert W. Moore DVM MS DACVS


BluePearl Veterinary Partners Specialty

7314 W. University Ave,

Gainesville, FL 32607


Phone Number: 352.672.6718


What does this mean? This means we have seen, shared & spoken w a licensed/certified orthopedic vet to review our gear designs while also providing us feedback, recommendations & what to expect w certain equipment. This does NOT mean that you should not take your gear to your local ortho vet & have them evaluate your set. Every dog, even the same breed, is built differently. Therefore, we do not use the term ortho approved. We are simply endorsed.




This vet is no longer at this location, but “Rachel” or someone at front desk will confirm endorsement email/letter by looking it up. Just tell them the date Jan 5th, 2020, to help them locate the endorsement even though we have a copy of the email. We did request a written letter signed on a letter head but by then the vet had retired. He failed to tell us that that week he did the endorsement was his last week.

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